Retsbol Rises

retsbol-cover-lgRetsbol Rises: An Abenaki Lobster Tale is an action-adventure story based on ancient Indian lore that believes that man and lobsters walked together in harmony and shared the land on Mount Desert Island (MDI) in Maine. As the two tribes grew in population, the area, now part of Acadia National Park, became crowded and problems developed. After much debate and with great sadness, it was agreed that the lobsters would retreat to the ocean because they could live both on land and in water while the Abenaki Indians would take care of the island. A covenant was created, represented by a rose quartz orb, and buried deep within the heart of MDI’s Cadillac Mountain to solidify the agreement. As long as the covenant stayed in place, the lobsters would remain in the sea.

Unfortunately, an extremely greedy man from Northeast Harbor steals the orb, thus disrupting the energy around the island and calling the lobsters up and down the East Coast to migrate to MDI and take back the land. Dr. George Banke, a marine biologist from Cape Cod, gets summoned to Jamison Lab in Bar Harbor, Maine to lead the research team trying to figure out the reason for the lobster surge. As the lobsters multiply in numbers and size, Dr. Banke’s daughter, Ani, age thirteen, learns that she is Kanake-kee, an Abenaki word that means “One Who Walks with Animals,” and must lead the charge to help solve the problem. She solicits help from her fifteen-year-old sister, Eliza, and a local, Spider-Man–obsessed, ten-year-old boy named Roonie. Using Ani’s own ancient Abenaki parchment and assistance from many creatures, big and small, the trio begins a quest to locate and retrieve five amulets to offer to the gods of Cadillac in order to stop the lobsters from taking over the island.

After three people go missing, disappearances thought to be caused by the abnormally large and aggressive lobsters; a plan is readied to detonate a lethal gas against the invaders. Amid worries that the gas will have catastrophic outcomes for all sea life and the harbors for many years to come, Ani’s journey intensifies: the fate of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park rests in her hands.

Retsbol Rises is also available at:

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