Fun Lobster Fact: Lobster Size Limits

The State of Maine has special laws to protect the lobster fishery. There are both minimum and maximum size measurements for harvesting lobsters. The minimum size is designed to make sure that all lobsters are mature enough to breed at least once before they are harvested. The maximum size limit is set to protect the breeding stock. A minimum size lobster will weigh around 1 pound, while a maximum size lobster will weigh between 3 and 4 pounds.

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Whoopie Pies!

Whoopie Pie recipe: 1 Cup sugar ½ Cup butter + 1 tablespoon 2 Cups sifted flour 1 ½ Teaspoons baking soda 8 Tablespoons cocoa ¼ Teaspoon salt 1 Teaspoon vanilla 1 Egg – beaten 1 Cup milk Cream butter and sugar. Add egg and vanilla. Sift dry ingredients and add to creamed mixture, alternately with milk. Drop by the heaping tablespoon=full on an ungreased cookie sheet about an inch apart. Bake at 425 for 4 to 5 minutes. Filling: 1 Cup softened butter 1 Cup fluff 1 Cup sifted confectioners’ sugar ¼ Teaspoon salt 1 ½ Teaspoons vanilla Mix filling together. Spread between two cookies and serve.

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Fun Lobster Fact

page vignetteCenturies ago, lobsters were so plentiful in North America that Native Americans used them to fertilize their fields and to bait their hooks for fishing. In the colonial period, lobsters were considered “food for the poor” and were served to children, prisoners, and indentured servants.